Permanent Magnet Generator - Alternative Energy For Your Home

By Dana Goldberg

Have you been thinking about finding ways to save on energy costs? Want to save money and help the environment? Who doesn't! A magnetic energy generator might be the answer for you. It is a true green alternative energy.

A magnetic motor utilizes the powerful forces of magnets and its properties of repulsion and attraction. The energy that is produced would be free. It would take no money or other products to produce this energy. That would save you plenty of money on your energy bill! In fact, you might save so much that you would no longer have a energy bill!

Like any new technology, there are plenty of negative comments floating around the Internet concerning magnetic power. Could be just jealousy! Could be companies that produce other types of energy just attempting to protect their interests. If magnetic energy became widespread, it will financially damage these companies.

You will find many things to like about this type of energy. It does not need any input to create the energy as solar, hydroelectric and wind power need. The motor itself would be quite small and able to fit in small areas making it perfect for homes. It does not generate any harmful emissions, or noise, or heat. And your neighbors will be amazed and impressed!

Cruise around the Internet and you will find all the information you need to build your own magnetic generator. If you are not especially good with your hands, you should be able to find someone to build you one. Kits online cost approximately $50 and one can be completely made for around $200. A basic motor should be able to supply the majority of electricity for your residence.

It sounds like the energy straight out of a science fiction novel, but it is real. Using only the powerful forces of magnets, a magnetic energy generator will give you free and clean electricity for you residence for many years. Save money and save the earth! - 33391

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Be Green - Learn To Make A Solar Panel For Your Home

By Joseph Dungler

Since the beginning of this century there has been a dramatic increase in the number of homes that use solar energy for a portion of their electricity needs. There are various factors behind this trend; perhaps for many households the most important issue is the money that is saved by using a cheaper energy source, but environmental factors are also high on many people's agendas. If finances are an issue then you can learn how to make a solar panel for your home by yourself.

If you were to buy a new solar panel you may have to spend a few thousand dollars. Though in the long run you will recoup this money from what you will save on energy bills, it can be difficult for many families to find the funds for the investment.

Instead, if you buy all the individual pieces and carry out the assembly yourself it may only cost as little as $200. This is why learning how to make your own photovoltaic panel is such a good option for many people wanting to save money.

There are various parts that you will need. Of course there are the photovoltaic cells. It is these cells that convert the sun's rays into electricity. The basic principle is similar in nature to the process that occurs in the leaves of green plants, where chlorophyll turns the sun's rays into energy.

The photovoltaic cells available today use a lot more efficient technology than the types used even a few years back. There are continuous advancements and developments in the field of solar technology, so it will only become more efficient.

Apart from the photovoltaic cells you will also need wooden boards, copper wire, panes of glass, and a soldering iron to fix the parts together in a series. To store the power you generate you will need a number of 12V or 24V batteries. The actual size of the solar panel will depend upon your energy requirements. - 33391

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How Useful is a Magnetic Energy Generator at Home?

By Dana Goldberg

Every day we are awash in various forms of energy. Sunlight and our home appliances including television, radio and the microwave are all examples that use electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy generators are all around us.

Electromagnetic (EM) energy has the structure of a wave. A range of frequencies exist, known as the EM spectrum, that relate electromagnetic waves by energy level and wavelength. Radio waves through which television and radio station broadcast operate are at the lowest end of the spectrum. Microwaves we use to cook with are next, followed by visible light, x-rays and gamma rays.

An EM generator is a device or entity that produces electromagnetic waves. One of the most common examples we use is the light bulb which produces EM energy in the form of visible light. When the radio or television is turned on, it is receiving radio waves from a broadcasting tower, antenna or satellite emitting EM energy.

Nuclear reactors release electromagnetic radiation from radioactive material in the form of gamma rays and heat as they decay. Most anything that burns is generating EM energy in the form of visible light through a chemical reaction.

The largest electromagnetic energy generator that effects planet earth is the sun. This massive body, is a relatively smaller example of one of millions of the stars in the universe that create EM energy through intense thermal and chemical and reactions. This EM energy enters the earth's magnetic field to where it is accelerated to produce the Northern Lights also known as the Aurora Borealis.

Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) are produced when short bursts of intense EM waves are released at once. These have been used in for kidney stones and other medical conditions. Care must be take around these devices, as they can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

EM energy is all around us. We take it for granted as well as the electromagnetic energy generator that produce it. Whether you cook, work or play, life of all forms rely on this, and the better we understand it, the better we can protect ourselves from it and utilize it. - 33391

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Choosing Solar Panels For Your Home

By Joseph Dungler

Many people now have worries over where their electricity comes from. We are constantly being bombarded by news stories of how we are having a negative effect on the planet and environment. Most of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels that add to the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. If you want to switch your electricity source to a "greener" technology then you should choose solar panels for your home.

If you install solar panels there will be immediate benefits felt. Of course the financial savings that can be made are potentially vast; you may no longer need to pay a costly utility bill. Also you should research to find out whether there are any tax breaks or grants that can be given to cover the cost of the panels and the installation. State governments and local authorities now have many schemes to encourage people to turn to alternative energy sources.

If you have a property or building that is not connected to the power grid or which is in a region that often has power cuts and shortages then solar panels can be the solution. There is no longer any reason for us to depend on a government or private company to provide us with electricity.

Even just five years ago photovoltaic cells were not so efficient. This has forever changed as there have been rapid advances in the field of solar technology. Now even on a rainy or cloudy day the cells will be able to produce enough electricity to make a difference.

It is possible to run your home completely off solar panels or use the cells to produce a proportion of your needs. Either option is simple to plan and put into operation. The more panels you use the greater amount of electricity that will be produced.

There are many companies that can carry out the installation though if you have knowledge of DIY it is not so difficult to build a solar panel or two by yourself. - 33391

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Solar Panels - How To Build Your Own Solar Panel

By Joseph Dungler

With rising prices, it is good to get cheaper power. With solar power, it is practically energy for free, and could end up earning you money. For even more affordability, it is possible to build your own solar panel.

Ensure all the right equipment is to hand to avoid delay and frustration. The most important thing is to select the solar panels to be used. Time should be spent here, to ensure the exact right ones are used.

Other than this, you will need plywood, a circular saw, good sized length of 1 x 1, screws and screwdriver, caulk, outdoor paint, soldering equipment and solder, glue, copper wire, diode, batteries and Plexiglas.

Using the cells to guide, draw a grid on the plywood. Once satisfied with the layout; cut the plywood to size to create a suitable grid. Having got this out of the way, construction can begin in earnest.

The 1 x 1 will need to be cut into sections depending on the size of the base, and attached using the screws and the caulk. Once all set, this should be painted with the outdoor paint; though not over the grid of course.

It is necessary to join cells together in a series. Each cell will have a tab; which should be attached to the preceding one with solder. It is important this work is done carefully, to ensure no damage. Once completed, the series of cells can be glued in place on the grid pattern on your wooden frame.

Once all set into place, the copper wire and diode line can be attached from the panel to the electrical system. The diode is necessary here, as it will prevent power being lost through reverse transfer from the batteries.

Plexiglas now needs to be attached across the entire panel. Fix this into place with suitable amounts of caulk to thoroughly protect from the elements. Now you have managed to build your own solar panel for the first time; there should be no stopping you. - 33391

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Solar Panels For Homes - Is It Practical To Use Them?

By Joseph Dungler

There are very few people that have not heard about solar energy and how cost effective it is. With the world now facing a serious energy crises home owners need to consider passive solar panels for homes. These can be installed in an existing home and automatically installed in newly built homes.

One can also make their own solar panels. This is far more cost effective. You will also be protecting the environment and help to alleviate the world energy crises by making the switch to solar. Solar energy is a renewable energy source which is obtained from the sun. This means that solar energy is abundant. As long as the sun exists, it will continue to exist.

Solar energy will create lighting within and without the home as well as warm the swimming pool and heat your water. It will allow pone to cook during the day as solar energy is converted into thermal energy and does not pollute the air or give off green house gasses like fossil fuels do.

When you have solar panels installed, one will always have solar energy even during a power failure. These solar panels do not affect ones health and they are not governed by political factors or capitalistic individuals, and are environmentally friendly. There are many gadgets as well as calculators, watches and computers that run on solar power as well.

Solar panels will save a homeowner an incredible amount and will also alleviate the dependency on gas as well as electricity generated from dirtier methods. Solar panels contain battery cells which will store excess energy for later usage. Usually these solar panels are placed on the roof of your home.

If you require further information or would like to purchase solar panels for homes then go online and visit the many sites that can further assist you and install them for you. You can also purchase them directly and not only will you save money but you will also increase your property value as well as be more kind to the planet. - 33391

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Building Plantations of the Future with Greenhouses

By Judy Stevens

In the past greenhouses were used for small gardens and caring for individual horticulturalists prized flowers but commercial greenhouses are in the focus more lately with all of the attention given to green and sustainable living choices.

Universities and Agricultural departments have built greenhouses for educational purposes but elementary and pre-schools were also building greenhouses to teach children about life, the earth, nature, as well as good eating habits and organic growing.

Hydroponics has been used more and more recently in greenhouse structures to transport the nutrients directly to the plant roots thus saving the earth's soil that is growing increasingly scarce.

Recently, I have been reading about building acreage up, a system termed "eco building". It is the process of building large high rises to use as greenhouses. By growing up and not out, we can use less land, and also generate crops without the dependency on other countries. One example of this is the tomato industry. South America dominants the growing of the tomato crop, however shipping and spoilage present problems. With Greenhouse structures going up and not out, we could capture some of the vegetable and industry back and regain some economic features for our own country. Also consider the world's poor populations. If we can supply healthy vegetation to otherwise dry climates, we could feed a nation by building these greenhouse structures upward. And lastly, consider the oil crisis. Our development of corn and other types of fuel can only better our world.

Farming with organic fertilizers would banish many problems we have today. By allowing some insects to live and those insects eating the harmful insects that destroy plants is one solution. Without using the harmful chemicals on the crops, and with the use of greenhouses we can see a better result in "green" ecology and living. All of us have great desires to get back to the natural way we were meant to live, without chemicals, harmful harmones injected into our live stock. It is time we do something to change our direction.

The conscientiousness of our economy, green living, and saving the planet are all nice well meaning ideas, but building vertical greenhouses are a great way to conquer all of these giants. - 33391

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